Maria Montessori


Maria Montessori was an Italian physician, educator, and innovator.  Her goal was to teach children to have the love of learning and did this through observing children and then designing materials based off of her observations that would help foster children's natural desire to learn.

Maria Montessori said, "A child in his earliest years, when he is only two or a little more, is capable of tremendous achievements simply through his unconscious power of absorption, though he is himself still immobile. After the age of three he is able to acquire a great number of concepts through his own efforts in exploring his surroundings. In this period he lays hold of things through his own activity and assimilates them into his mind."

(Maria Montessori, The Discovery of the Child, translated by M. Joseph Costelloe, S.J.)

Why choose a Montessori setting for your child?


  • Montessori moves from concrete to abstract.
  • Montessori facilitates a natural love for learning.
  • Montessori seeks to educate the whole child.
  • Montessori focuses on the individual child and their potential.  
  • The Montessori classroom has children of mixed ages allowing them to learn from each other and give them opportunities to be role models.
  • The environment is prepared so that the materials are attractive and child sized and at child level so that the children are able to successfully access them on their own.
  • The teachers understand that every child learns differently and at their own pace. 
  • The teacher observes and works as a facilitator creating the materials and the environment to meet each individual child's needs and interests.  

Who will benefit from a Montessori Setting?


Everyone can benefit from a  Montessori environment.

The teachers recognize and understand that children learn in different ways so they accommodate all learning styles and allow children to learn at their own pace.